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Announcing TSF Website Upgrade
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 Posted: Sun Apr 26th, 2009 08:13 pm
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Attention TSF Members,

     On May 14th at 8:00 PM we will begin upgrading The Songwriters Forum with a new version of bulletin board software, moving from WowBB to UltraBB. We will also be changing webhosting providers at the same time. These were both projects that Mike had flagged but sadly never got the chance to undertake.

     For most people, the look and feel will be very similar with maybe a button here or there looking slightly different. You will post topics and songs in the same way, and things should generally work the way they always have.

     There are software changes behind the scenes in the forum's Admin Area, and importantly UltraBB has tech support and will receive any fixes in the future which WowBB would not.

     In order to make the change, we will need to close the Board for several hours. The countdown clock in the left side-box shows you when this will happen. This is important to make sure we don't lose any posts halfway through. We will be timing the shutdown for exactly 8:00 PM Eastern US time . This time was recently appointed to coordinate with both TSF administration and DATA1 Systems technical support. We apologize that members will be inconvenienced during this time. Hopefully, when you get up the next morning the site will be back up and it will be business as usual.

     We have a test site up and running at the moment, and are practicing the migration procedure to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible. All songs and posts will be transfered. However with any change there is always the possibility of something not working properly. If you spot anything unexpected please let Owen, Troy, Jeff or Danny know.

     Once the new site is transfered, there will be a period where various domain name servers on the internet are updated to point to it. These updates ripple outward across hundreds of servers and aren't controlled by TSF. What this means is that some people will get access to it earlier than others. Dont be surprised if you can't get in yet but a friend can or vice versa. That process can take some time (officially up to 72 hours) but it would be very surprising if it took longer than a day and most people should expect to be back up and running under 12 hours. If you are unable to log in after 24 hours please let us know.

     So what do you need to do? Nothing. Log out before the countdown reaches 0. Try logging in again around 8 hours later and you should find yourself on the new board.

If you have any concerns, please let us know!

Thank you,

TheSongwritersForum Admin Team

Owen (RainyDayMan), Troy (Troy33), Jeff (Jeff Knight), and Danny (DBloodworth)

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