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Getting There Lyrics
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 Posted: Sat Oct 17th, 2020 11:35 pm
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Instagram is really coming now...really breaking into my shoes again, can't believe I gave my power away again, glad to reclaim it & rebuild my confidence

I gave you my number to tell
I gave you my number in case you weren’t well
It’s nice to know
That someone out here loves you so
Getting there once again
Never gunna give up on you my friend

Here I wait
Here I stand
Here I listen
To the plans
With my heart to the ocean
My feet in the sand
Here I stand on
God’s land

I looked at you for so many years
I look at you, I cannot help but stare
It’s why I turned away
Hoping you could find my love
When I was away
So you did

You figured it out
I love you now forever
So don’t go now

Cos everytime i pick up the phone,
All i hear is the dial tone,

So let them say we are obsessed,
If they put our names in their mouth
what does that say,
that's right, they are full of lust

We can take the heat,
because we are on fire;
Nothing is HOTTER or BRIGHTER than that.
-KH*My Own Song-
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