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Who I Aspire To
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 Posted: Wed Jun 12th, 2019 04:57 pm
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Who I Aspire To
Where do I turn
What path do I take
When I only yearn
And have one desire
To focus my goal
And make no mistake
To release my soul
To you, who I aspire to

What can I do
What is there to say
There is only you
I solely admire
So please help me see
And take me away
To where I can be
With you, who I aspire to

Life can be so cruel, I was such a fool, resistant as a mule
Then you came to me, showed what life could be, now I’m feeling free

To learn about you
And all that you are
Your love that is true
My soul to inspire
And my heart to give
Since you are my star
That shines where I live
For you, who I aspire to

© 2018 Charles M Anderson

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