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Chicka poopy
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 Posted: Sun Feb 10th, 2019 07:43 am
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Marty Ray Boone

Joined: Mon Oct 24th, 2011
Location: Fort Mill, South Carolina USA
Posts: 874
Favorite Artist: "Rev.Jimmy Swaggart" "Owen Hovenden" Kerry Boone
I am a: Singer/Songwriter/Musician
Chick-chicka-poopy, chick-chicka-poopy
If you don't like my songs, I have a suggestion
where you might belong,
You can wallow with pigs in the mud on the farm
Hang out with your friends, it can do you no harm

Eat dog poop and then wash it down with their pee
If you don't like some songs, then that's fine by me
I'm trying to be funny, not start World war 3
To have sense of humor is how it should be

So don't get all huffy from what I said here
just visit a bar and fill up on some beer
then have a good laugh as you're reading this song
If songs were all perfect,would we get along?

I try to write funny songs, not write a novel
No pulitzer prize and I surely won't grovel
To get some approval from nit pickers who
disect every sentence I'm writing for you!

Just trying to find a humorous side to things!


Marty Ray Boone, now seeking God's will for my life and asking if I may serve him as a gospel bass singer and singer of harmonies in that form of music! I thank Holy God for my voice! Near perfect pitch as well, guidance for my fingers on that piano, AMEN
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 Posted: Sun Feb 10th, 2019 02:53 pm
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M.P. Dudash

Joined: Mon Apr 24th, 2017
Location: Ohio USA
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Favorite Artist: George Jones, Coe, Twitty, Paycheck, Gosdin, Daryle Singletary
I am a: Other
Love thy enemy Marty.

Takamine GN71CE Sunburst
Marlen Sd-10(Supposedly used on a Byrds recording)
Self teaching in progress
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 Posted: Sun Feb 10th, 2019 04:49 pm
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Joined: Mon Jun 18th, 2018
Location: Charlotte , North Carolina USA
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Favorite Artist: Beatles, Pink Floyd, Leadbelly, Nirvana, REM, Leonard Cohen, Robert Johnson
I am a: Singer/Songwriter/Musician
Looks to me like someone got triggered by some constructive criticism and decided to write about it.
There's an old saying and I'm sure your familiar with it.
"If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen"

Here is my YouTube and SoundCloud page with some of my original music.
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 Posted: Mon Feb 11th, 2019 12:12 pm
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Joined: Tue Nov 27th, 2018
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Ok Marty - here is my pick. I have enjoyed your humorous lyrics, but I am not keen on the songs with the waste (poop and pee) lyrics. I like the singing and dancing, and sometimes the animals. They have a fun upbeat feeling. I also, like your religious lyrics - always positive (my favorite from you).

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