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Peace and Love
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 Posted: Fri Nov 30th, 2018 04:17 pm
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Marty Ray Boone

Joined: Mon Oct 24th, 2011
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Great peace and love now comes to you
From Father God above
The master up in Glory
Christ Jesus and the dove!

The blessed Holy Spirit, is speaking in this song
to reach out to all of this World
And will you soon belong?
To heaven's blessed kingdom
The Father offers thee

The answer is Christ Jesus, who died on Calvary
The cruel cross where all men's sins, can soon go in the past
Please touch my wondrous Savior
to gain the home that lasts!

Who's grace can come so free to you
In him you can just trust
A new and great beginning
For me this is a must!

For people with the wisdom
to gain a victory
In blessed Holy Jesus
the master of the sea!

Great joy and peace and victory
O'er life's distress below
When filled with God's sweet Spirit
the feeling soon can flow!

Oh, victory in Jesus
who loves all of this Earth
Not wanting any to be lost
But be filled with so much mirth

You soon can then be singing
through the trials of life today
His joy for every sorrow
Can surely come your way!

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Marty Ray Boone, now seeking God's will for my life and asking if I may serve him as a gospel bass singer and singer of harmonies in that form of music! I thank Holy God for my voice! Near perfect pitch as well, guidance for my fingers on that piano, AMEN
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 Posted: Mon Dec 3rd, 2018 01:50 pm
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Your words resonate His saving grace. I particularly like the first verse - it draws me in wanting to know more, and the end leaves me feeling peaceful/hopeful. I had a strong to desire to head to church, to be surrounded by God's glory. It's wonderful.

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