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Spiritual hospitals
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 Posted: Wed Nov 7th, 2018 06:56 pm
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Marty Ray Boone

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The church on Earth a hospital of spiritual design
Your pastor is the doctor for to touch your heart and mind
The word of God that's spoken and then sung in gospel song
The medicine that comes to you to help you get along!

For those who reach to touch the Lord, the master of your soul
Receive the Holy Spirit so his mighty power can flow
down deep within your heart and mind
And then to set you free
From every ill of body and mind that sometimes comes to thee

I thank you Lord, your mighty touch on every heart and mind
No other being anywhere will ever be so fine
To make you sing and then to dance
And live in victory, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
The master of the sea!

Copyright Wednesday November 7th, 2018
P.S. On the right side is me, Marty Ray Boone at my favorite seafood restaurant named "Captain Steve's" Now you know what I look like! Please scroll down to view picture.

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Marty Ray Boone, now seeking God's will for my life and asking if I may serve him as a gospel bass singer and singer of harmonies in that form of music! I thank Holy God for my voice! Near perfect pitch as well, guidance for my fingers on that piano, AMEN
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 Posted: Wed Nov 7th, 2018 08:59 pm
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TSF Administrator

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It's a nice metaphor, Marty - the church as a spiritual hospital. You are on a roll! :)

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