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New song Ove been working on called When?
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 Posted: Wed Aug 23rd, 2017 05:48 am
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I live in a world of grey
What else can I say?
When I look into my own eyes
A part of me dies
I am living a lie
Because I am dying inside
Waiting for another fix
Waiting for another hit
Waiting for someone to save me from this
At my lowest when I am the highest
Asking myself, "Why did I even try this?"
It staves off the emptiness
It helps the edginess
It helps fill the hole
That's in my soul
That's growing out if control
Just like a staircase I'm spiraling
And just like that I'm dialing
A number if someone to get fix
Someone who would never help me quit
I know I should stop
I know its wrong
But I can't listen to the tune of any other song
My mind is sick
It's something I can't fix
I'm scared to stop
This habit, I cannot drop
Being ill is a crime in this world
Getting better? There's no time in our world
Being told to deal because others have it worse
Being told what not to feel, it's almost like it's rehearsed
I can't be myself
Because I died a long time ago
I can't be helped
Because everyone gave up me a long time ago
I can't beAt this
***s hard. who I am to change up the cards
I was dealt a bad hand
And this is where I'll always land
Waiting, shaking, anticipating
The next time I'll get high
So why even try?
So I take a hit, I pop another
Anything that will get me lit
I think if life as I sit
I've got rock bottom and I can't climb up
I can't stand being stuck
But this is where I'll stay
Because that's how it is today
In their eyes there's no hope
For someone like me
I'm a lost cause
The scum of society
So in my grave I'll lay
One with my hands I've made
Staring with a blank face
Staring as I wait
For someone to save me
Before they have to grieve me
Waiting for the high to start
Hurts my heart
I know this needs to end
But I'll never know when.

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
~~Oscar Wilde
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 Posted: Fri Aug 25th, 2017 12:52 am
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You've captured a sense of despair and desolation with this lyric. I'm imagining this as a rap song. Is that what you had in mind?

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