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Tascam DP03 digital recorder problem.
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 Posted: Fri Aug 9th, 2013 06:40 am
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I had recently bought a Zoom R16.That got sent back due to it being faulty so I bought a Tascam DP03 Digital Recorder/inbuilt cd burner.Its to replace my Tascam 4 track 414 mk2.

I have my Roland RD700sx hooked up to it and a mic with XLR.Then that goes into DP03 and out to Roland KC350 amplifier.All in my lounge room.
I upgraded to start with because I couldnt buy cassettes and I dont do ebay.

I use the DP03 for now just set up so I can play and sing.I wanted to practice doing some test recordings just to get used to it.When I read the book I just set it up first without the piano and mic.I tried the headphones to hear the demo song on there.It worked.I hooked up the piano and mic.Got that sorted out.

When I tried to record all I got was drums.It keeps playing and I can rewind it but I cant clear it to start recording anything,its always there.I cant figure out how to get rid of the drums from keep playing.The handbook isnt as simple as the Tascam 414 Mk2 4 track cassette deck handbook.That Tascam and book are the epitomy of simplicity.How do I disengage the drums so I can start recording? I just dont know whats going wrong.


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