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Cubase to Mixcraft
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 Posted: Wed Feb 27th, 2013 04:53 am
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I'm running the trial versions of both at them moment and Mixcraft is my favourite. Cubase seems to have problems with CPU overload and is clumsy switching input devices. Mixcraft quite wonderfully just gets on with the job without complaining and the only problem I've had is that I seem to have a knack of accidentally adding volume automation to tracks (the multi-node line across the part (?)) - don't even know how I'm doing but I'll figure it out sometime I guess.

Question is; has anyone got experience of transferring a Cubase project into Mixcraft? Is it even possible?


P.s. I've had some success inserting .wav files but that raised a new question ... why can i only find old takes? Where are the Cubase files I saved just this morning? :shock:

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 Posted: Wed May 22nd, 2013 10:24 pm
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You won't be able to directly transfer the entire project over as they are not compatible file types but there is an easy way. Just render each track individually (by using the solo button) as a wav file in cubase. Then it is a simple matter of loading each file up in mix craft. Personally, I'd stick with cubase as it is a far superior program to mixcraft .

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