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"Like A River" By Skyler Stewart & Eddy Stewart
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 Posted: Mon Jan 7th, 2013 07:35 am
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"Like A River"
by Skyler & Eddy Stewart
Copyright 2012

[G]Like a river
[D]Let your spirit flow
[Em]I open up my heart to you
[C]Of all I’m letting go


[C] I dare you to [G]step from the pew, [D] lift up your hands
[C]Make Him your one hearts desire, I dare you to
[G]Open your mouth, [D]lose all control and
[C]Be the one starting the fire, I dare you to
[G]Know nothing else but [D]God and Yourself
Let [C]words out of your belly flow____
Like a [G]river____

Like a [C]river let it [D]flow
Light your [Em]lamp & [D]let it [C]show
Living [C]waters fill your [D]soul.....

And let it [Am]flow_______[D]
Like a [G]river____

I dare you to fall to your knees, Lift up your voice
And seek Him with all of your heart, I dare you to
Pray down the fire, with fervent desire, & let your passion flow
I dare you to

Take the Sword of the Spirit & Truth
Let the Word of His power flow.....
Like a river_____

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