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Them same people that supposed to love me
Instead all they wanna do is judge me

**** em let em lay
That’s all I gota say

Fought through my battle on my own
Day after day

I know I got off path for a little bit
But my way of life I became sick of it

My fake friendships
Time to get rid of it
My entire past
Time to put a lid on it

So many things in my life weren’t right
Always asking would I get to see tomorrows sunlight

But enough about the past
The past doesn’t last
Fortuantely for me the future is here at last


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The flow of the lyrics seem pretty good, except for some parts (the "Some things in my life..." stanza). When I was rapping this (I cannot rap well btw XD), like I said, some of the verses didn't follow a consistent flow. That's just me, though.

Not sure if that's what you're looking for, but that's what I've got. I just love the conviction and determination behind these lyrics. Something I can relate to right now. Look forward to seeing more!

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