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 Posted: Thu Jan 10th, 2013 07:26 am
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sophiaraquellyrics wrote:

I did receive the email with your mp3 attached, and I really enjoyed it! The one I received was with your vocals, and I was curious as to if you could send one that is simply instrumental as well?

I can easily do that. But before I do, I'll ask a few questions. I turned the tempo up from 60 beats per minute to 72 bpm, and it sounds better. Instead of asking you which one to send, it just occurred to me to send the raw accompaninent both ways.

I'll try to send you two files tomorrow. One raw accompaniment at 60 bpm, and another at 72 bpm.

In the meantime, I'll periodically work on finishing the music to sound fuller and more dramatic in spots... and as soon as I see something for a chorus, I'll have to modify timing and instrumentation to differntiate it from the verses.

I would suggest that you return to the "white water waves" reference you began your lyric with. It's very catch, and dramatic and it's perfect to set the mood to begin.

But it's wasted if you don't explain further how the "white water waves" related to the situation. I have an idea how to do that, but won't share it with you until you've done your own. It's better it remains as completely your song as is possible imo.

I'll also advise that you don't get into a hurry to "finish" this. It's a REAL good lyric, or I wouldn't have offerred to write music and melody for it. I'll suggest that you Keep it yours, and keep to your original feel and writing style.

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