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 Posted: Mon Jan 7th, 2013 03:08 am
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The wait I didn’t know I was waiting

How long has it been since I first saw you?

Your eyes never caught me like they do now

Pass you like any other person like you were no different

Now I look for you every time I can.

Its funny how life works like that

Going from Oblivious to Obvious

I guess God has a sense of humor.



So now I make it known

That you have made yourself known

Why wait any longer

It took me forever

Now it’s time to ask you one question

What took you so long?


It’s crazy to think that I never noticed you

Your cute smile never catching my attention

Now I’m wondering if you noticed me

Was I as invisible as you were?

Or did you choose to not see me.

Oh but that’s not going to stop me

From showing you that you are seen




What else is there to say but I’m ready for this to happen.

I have waited an unbearably easy long time.

And now its time to end the wait I didn’t know I was waiting .




I was Just A Phase
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