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 Posted: Sun Jan 6th, 2013 01:04 am
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Uh, what would be greatly appreciated Sophia?
It's yours if you want it. Just cut and paste from my post.
As for A cappella ... unfortunately Sophia, I can't sing. Well, fortunate I suppose for those out of ear shot when I've tried. :D

sophiaraquellyrics wrote:
That would be greatly appreciated!!
Do you think you could send me one of these lyrics? They were posted in a comment, and I'd love to hear them in A Cappella as well.

Title: "Shooting Stars" [as in 'target practice']

1 I thought you -- were here -- to help me
2 to help me find my way
3 I remember wondering why
4 the sky's shinning so blue
5 on such a sad sad day

1 Now my nights are empty
2 since you shined me on
3 my stars are all gone

1 You're shooting stars
2 you're shooting stars
3 I always thought -- they were -- way outt'a range
4 I always thought --- I sensed something strange
5 but wow, I don't know how -- you could've reached -- so damned far
6 You're shooting stars, shooting stars, shooting stars

1 I thought you -- were there -- to lead me
2 not to lead me on
3 I remember wondering where
4 the stars are tonight
5 where have they all gone

(Repeat Pre-Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)

1 I thought you -- were there -- to save me
2 not to delete my dreams
3 now I'm wondering who
4 can take me -- river rafting
5 along the Milky Way's white streams

(Repeat Pre-Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)

Thank you so much!

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