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 Posted: Sat Dec 15th, 2012 09:18 pm
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Around here my head spins in multiple directions.
Can i find a bible verse to show my true affections?
Please tell me what you think!!(:

My religion is my life but how do i accept it?
World so cold all im looking for is benefits. 
So much pain and so much death. 
So many lives lost in a single breath. 
Too many feelings and too many emotions. 
Too many scars and promises that have been broken.
So much hate and so many lies. 
So many tears just drop fom my eyes. 
And My family. The people who are supposed to accept me.
Have judged me and hurt me beyond recovery.
Every day just laying in my bedroom,
Wandering if there was an oppertunity for success. 
I dont play this game to just play, i play to be the best. 
So much Confidence in myself. Nobody can stop me. 
Im gonna be myself. Want my dad to be proud of me. 
To take care of my family. 
The ones that i love. 
The ones that i hope, never have to watch me from above. 
So as i my heart cries at 200 beats a minute.
Im trying to dodge these emotional bullets. 
Like everything, you left way to fast. 
But the only reason im happy is because this time together wont be our last. 

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