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 Posted: Wed Dec 5th, 2012 12:27 pm
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Seth, this reads more like a poem. If you want to write a lyric to attract a musician, it's important to structure it like one. Please re-read what I wrote in my post on your previous lyric. :)

Depending upon the genre, you're going to need a chorus. A song needs to have some kind of payoff - and that is in the chorus (unless you're writing an old-fashioned folk song consisting of several verses - but even then, the verses need to be consistent in their structure and metering).

No one is going to listen to an instrumental intro lasting 3 minutes (unless it's prog-rock). In fact, your whole song shouldn't last more than around 3 minutes, and that includes verses, choruses, and bridge. ;)

Mind you, I'm commenting with the assumption you want to learn to write in order to have commercial possibilities. If you're not, and you only want to write songs for your own enjoyment, you can of course do anything you like. :D


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