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 Posted: Wed Dec 5th, 2012 01:52 am
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Is it really better to know someone?
That you will never see again?
Rather than never meeting them to begin?
I don't know the answer yet,
But i can tell you in a bit.
just give the wounds a chance to heal.

When this chapter of my life ends,
Then i will tell you how i feel.
But right now my head isn't clear

I still feel those words
It's already been half a year
and my heart is just barely starting to mend

But that's what time is for.
Waiting in hope that someone will tend.
To this Hurting Man

Or will time be a Judge.
And Declare me Guilty.

Is it better to have known her?
There is no chorus because i felt this song was more powerful without one. I picture it starting out with a very long instrumental maybe around 3 minutes long and this is the end of the song.

That's the song! thanks for reading please leave any comments as long as they are not rude!

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