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 Posted: Wed Dec 5th, 2012 01:41 am
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hardtwistmusic wrote: Just FWIW... If I were writing this, I'd do the following with it. Don't necessarily think I'm right about any of it.

Night creeps in
as if the day wasn't dark enough.
I try to survive
These painful emotions that grow and thrive.
I stained a heart.
The stain returned, and it tears me apart.
Losing people like I lose everything
gives me this sad, sad, song to sing.

Fighting back these relentless tears.
Suffering from all these fearsome cares.
It all works out in the end,
but getting there is the hard thing.
So here I am dealing with the terrible sting

God has a funny way of showing
how situations help you without your knowing.
Those old tough feelings can only stay
if I'm not ready to banish them away.

Any of it you want to use, feel free, any you want to ignore, feel free to ignore.

Again.... I hope this helps.
I appreciate you helping. and i will use some of it. but i like some that i had. so either way thank you for keeping me thinking.

I was Just A Phase
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