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 Posted: Thu Jul 12th, 2012 02:43 am
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Alicia’s Song

Verse 1. 
If I were an artist, there’s a picture I would paint.
It’s a picture of Alicia… she’s my little tired saint.                       
Alicia is only four years old,  she’s never run and played.
Alicia wasn’t born like the other kids… Alicia was born with Aids.

So if I could paint a magic picture that would make Alicia all right… 
I’d paint that picture every day and store it away every night.

Chorus:   This Just Feels so helpless…
Alicia, this is breaking my heart.
Why can’t I paint the picture that would give                          
Alicia a brand new start.

Bridge 2. 
But I can’t paint that magic picture,
I can only wonder why…  
Why does Alicia have to suffer like this? 
And why will Alicia have to die?

Verse 2. 
Totally innocent, totally sweet,  she's never done anyone wrong. 
She bravely smiles when I kiss her cheek, 
but the smile never lasts real long. 
Alicia will die without ever a chance to play outside in the sun.
Alicia will die without ever learning to hop and skip and run.

This just feels so helpless…
Alicia this is breaking my heart.
Why can’t I paint the picture that would give                                   
Alicia a brand new start. 

Copyright 2010 Verlon L. Gates 

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