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 Posted: Mon Jan 9th, 2012 09:23 am
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Always a chance this could use a bridge.  Maybe not.  Could have put a harmony on the chorus.  Fun to sing.

James Number Two

Copyright 2012 Wyatt Grayson

The radio preacher is talking to me
On 75 going south
I rolled up my window, I'm watching my speed
To hear what he's talking about

He hung on the cross for the sins of us all
You made Him the Lord of your heart
You think that's all, you think you've done your part
But that's not where it ends, it's just where it starts

If I'm not mistaken, if I understand
There's something I should know
But I'm losing the signal the farther I drive
And I'm late for where I need to go


I've lost it completely, there's nothing but air
It seemed like he's speaking the truth
I'm surfing the channels to see if he's there
There's nothing but music and news


I asked my brother and his friend Joe
I asked my sister, too
I asked my mother and she said go
Read James number two


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