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 Posted: Sun Jul 10th, 2011 09:31 pm
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Very Bluesy Number....

"Barrel of a Gun" Copyright Rob Young/Richard Keener 2011

Verse 1

The town folk they all wondered
what ever happened to that boy
it seemed like only yesterday
he was playing with his toys

Verse 2

Some folks blamed his parents
maybe it was his father that was too hard
and some call it simple fate
it was just in his cards


He'll charm you with a smile
that shines as bright as the sun
but he'll take what he's after
behind the barrel of a gun

Verse 3

The night time calling
it was too much too resist
he was drawn in by an evil women
posion kiss

Verse 4

a store out on the corner
He wrote a note to withdraw
and he shot all the witness's
in his way that he saw

- Repeat Chorus -

Verse 5

His silver tounge will disarm you
make you feel like nothings wrong
but before you'll ever notice
everything you own is gone

Verse 6

Fair warning and be careful
just a word to all the wise
you should never listen
to a wanted man's lies

- Repeat Chorus -

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