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 Posted: Sun Nov 26th, 2006 10:23 pm
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Ok, if you're like me (which I have no clue if you are), then you appreciate honest critiques(not saying anyone else's opinion is less than that).  I initially viewed this song when you first posted, but I shyed away from posting a comment, because I the lyrics were too vivid for me.  I think the message of the song is very real, just think some phrases could be said w/out being so blatant.  Such as...

I cant take it
God this pressure in my life                
I cant take it 
I’m thinking suicide                      or.... All I'm thinking is why oh why
So Lord touch me
Before I hurt myself                     or.... Before everything ends wrong          
I need a resurrection
I need a resurrection                   or.... your protection 
In my life,
Cause I can’t take it

Hopefully you don't mind the are the songwriter so ultimately you have to listen to your own heart.  Good luck, Kim

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