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 Posted: Mon Aug 2nd, 2010 01:35 am
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alytrain wrote: So I've been mulling over Terry's request for a moral lesson to be added to this song.  And, I agree, doing so would make it a nicer song.  I cringe myself when I read through these lyrics and I don't find myself very sympathetic to the characters!  And, I could certainly wrap it up with a lesson, but I feel like I want to do something different. 

And I know the approach isn't for everyone,  but as a comparison, I am a huge fan of the short story genre, but the stories I am most drawn to are the ones that don't end with a tidy lesson that we could learn from.  I am most drawn to those stories that take a look at life and report rawly on the characters in it.  The characters are portrayed  in all there ugly, wonderful, tainted, twisted, beautiful, loving, hateful, selves.  I think it makes people, including myself, feel a little less lonely in the world to realize that we are all flawed in some way, and that is part of the human condition . .  Darrell, from your comments, I think you might get what I'm trying to do here and don't think I'm writing ugly, just for the sake of writing ugly . . .

So, this is one of the ugly stories, but I will also continue to search for and write the redeeming stories as well . . .

Does any of this make sense or am I shouting into the wind at myself??  LOL

I TOTALLY agree Aly !!  Life is not tidy at all in the final analysis is it ?  I dont care at all if your writing just to be ugly.  You have already shown you can be tender Aly with several of your works.  It just goes to your versatility for sure.  Truly, the only nit I would think you might run into if you trying to "sell" this tune would be the wonderful action goin on in the one verse lol.  For the campfire and TSF, I say Roll with it !!  I like it just like it is.  No redemption at this place and we all know it!!  That IS the message to me at least.   Go Girl !!


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