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 Posted: Thu Jul 29th, 2010 10:19 pm
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I don't know really what to say about this one. :? It definitely has that sleezy appeal that some people might cater to.   I usually don't write  in this catagory so I'm certainly no authority on this. 
I like the chorus, it sums things up fairly well, I think.  Yet, it does it in a vague enough way, to leave something to the imagination.  
I think there may be a bit too much play by play in the building of the story, in order to get it back to the chorus. 
I think it needs something more toward the end of the song, a Twist, a Bridge, or perhaps a combination of the two. Something to redirect the story's direction of impact. 

To sum up the message content of this song it basically comes down to:  "We go to the Everyday Inn once a week and we cheat on our spouses; even though it's growing tiresome, we still take the chance of wrecking our marriages and we do it any way." 

IMHO, I think a song on this topic needs to contain a Moral-Life-Lesson, to complete the story and bring it closure; because there are always detrimental consequences to cheating on a spouse, and a friend. For instance, what would you want a daughter, a cousin, or friend to glean from this song, in a helpful way? 

Just my opinion. I think the song has potential.  It just isn't finished yet. :)


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