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 Posted: Sun Jun 20th, 2010 05:19 pm
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Thanks to the extremely helpful feedback, I edited this song aggresively.  I also now have a tune for the entire song and I believe it is holding together nicely when I sing it.  As always, more feedback is appreciated.


Weep the Weep of a Widow (ver 2)
(c) 2010 Amber Train


We wed just a week before he left for Parris Island
Then I packed up and headed south to LeJeune
child was in my belly we really didn’t have a plan 
no crib, don’t worry, combat pay’s coming soon

I watched as he set off on that ship to Afghanistan,

A woman beside me stood protestin in a chant


Then she turned and said somethin I didn't understand, she said girl, if you’re lucky . . .

You’ll weep the weep of a widow,
Then You’ll cry into your pillow
You’ll be able to wash away your sorrow
You’ll be able to start anew tomorrow

I’d long sit and watch the television anxious for news
Letters came some, I didn’t know him anymore
All the pieces he left out of them, it left me confused
I knew he’s just tryn to protect me from war
One day a captain calls and tells me he’s hurt but survived
then he’s home in a wheelchair, a babe again
others told me so many died you’re lucky he’s alive
although a shell of a man, filled up with pain


I remember she said softly I couldn’t barely hear, she said girl, if you’re lucky
You’ll weep the weep of a widow
You’ll cry into your pillow, then
You’ll be able to wash away your sorrow, and
Somehow you’ll start anew tomorrow
I used to iron his uniform and polish his boots
Now I change his clothes and feed him his food
When the pills put him to sleep I sit and swing on the porch
The moon glows soft – a ghost of romance’s torch

And I think of his eyes, all scared and angry and sorry
And I know  if he could speak, he'd say darkly
I wish you coulda wept the weep of a widow
You could’ve  cried into your pillow

then you could’ve washed away your sorrow 
and you could’ve started anew tomorrow.


And when I look deep, its hard but its true,

I do wish, often, I’z a widow starting anew


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