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 Posted: Sat Jun 5th, 2010 01:39 am
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Phil, I watched your youtube video and you had me with....."Hello!" LOL  I laughed out loud when you said...last night  I started working on a new song and it really all my other songs! Been there, done that, BB!!!LOL I wrote a song out of frustration once because of not being able to write a song! I titled it 'Trying To Write A Song'  LOL Now here you are 'singing a song' that nobody is never going to hear because out of frustration, you threw it away! LOL  We songwriters can sometimes be a crazy bunch of the nicest sense of the word of course! :)

Welcome to the forum Phil, come on in and join in on all the fun we have here!:cool:    

First you write it with your heart - then you re-write it with your head

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