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 Posted: Fri May 14th, 2010 10:50 pm
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Thank you Sara, I do listen to what you say. What lines are giving you fits. I just read it again in monotone and I can't find anything that screams...."rework me.....rework me!" Let me know and I'll give it another go. Also, the chorus (I thought) seems just about right to me. What exactly makes it weak and how could I "spice" it up?
Melody?....I went out and bought BIAB about a week ago and I do have a very rough melody and chord progression worked out. I have also sent another member an e-mail asking for some guidance on the darned response as yet.  I'm an engineer and this thing has thousands of "finer points" to play with and is giving me nightmares. I have a fairly good handle on the basics but......................well, you know the rest. ;)
I would be happy to send you what I have for you to get the feel of the music and lyrics if you have time? A "no" won't offend me either.....I know you and everyone else is am I. 

Thanks for your response.


Oh, I have already choreographed a dance to my future music.....what a blast that was!!:):)

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