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 Posted: Sun May 9th, 2010 02:24 am
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Step #1
Post your lyrics
in the proper Music Database and get them arranged, formatted, aligned, updated, spell checked or whatever, FIRST.  Please place your copyright and date on each lyric you post.  Please only one lyric or song per post.  Please note, if you try and go back to edit after the Media Player is set up, you will lose the link to your music and I will have to go back in again and reset.....very tedious.

Step #2
Send an e-mail with your MP3 attached to making note to him under which Music Database you have posted your lyrics.  MP3 size can be no more than about 9MB (9 megabytes), smaller is better.

Step #3
After receiving your MP3 by e-mail, we will manually upload it to the servers.  Next we will go in and edit your post to include the Media Player and set up the link to the music on the server.  Please understand that this may take awhile and may not show up immediately until we get available time to do it.

Posting links to your music is acceptable.  Be sure to post the lyrics and copyright info along with the link.

**Please abide by the forum rules of ONE song or lyric post per day please**

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