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 Posted: Tue Apr 20th, 2010 01:03 pm
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Johnbee wrote: Thanks so much Roy and SS!:D

Just a word of caution though.  Don't get too used to the "Positive" lyric in my music.  This song is a token, ie one of the few in my catalogue with a positive and upbeat message.  Most of my lyrics tend to be of the down variety.  Not in the "death metal" sense, of course, but more of what you may think of as "down-hearted", "heart broken", and "unrequited love" kind of thing.  Not unlike some of the "Soap Opera" type country tunes out there.;)

Roy-I have relatives in Texarkana.  Visited down there in the late 60s.   Nice place!

Sam-You say you're new at writing songs!  Sounds to me like you've been doing it for a while.

Thanks again.


Y'all quit talking about me!  he he just kiddin'.  Wonder if the Willie souldalike is Steve Sledge?

Anyway, I come up with so many dark or depessing lyrics but seldom have them set to music.  Think most of us like to experiment with many different subjects.

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