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 Posted: Mon Apr 19th, 2010 06:17 pm
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Johnbee wrote: Sam-You say you're new at writing songs!  Sounds to me like you've been doing it for a while.

Oops! Sorry John, somewhere along the way I must have said something to mislead you because I'm definitely not new to the songwriting game! Of course some of the stuff I write sometimes probably looks as though I am, but I've actually been at it for quite sometime now! However! It wasn't until I joined the forum a couple of years ago that I finally began learning how to do it the right way. These folks here have been wonderful examples of how it's suppose to be done and have always been there to set me straight when I've wandered off the beaten path.  But, to be honest with you I'm still learning and I find that I learn something new here just about everyday, that's beneficial to me. I don't always apply it but at least I'm learning what I'm suppose to be doing with it! :? lol  Sorry for the mix up, John. :)  

First you write it with your heart - then you re-write it with your head

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