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 Posted: Mon Apr 19th, 2010 05:49 am
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As an intro to my music, I'll give you my personal favorite of my own stuff here.

"Gone Mellow"

Words & Music-John Bowen C2009
Written & recorded in November 2009.  Instrumentation is MIDI.

Piano, Drums & Bass-Yellow Tools
Strings & ensemble-Mixcraft 4.5 library
Vocals recorded on a Zoom MRS802BCD

Final mix done in Samplitude Music Studio version 14

Golden dawn
Beautiful morning. I write a song.
Peaceful skies. Picturesque scene makes me realize
The view out my window no words could capture.

Time goes by so fast I never took in the view

Of all the colors there are in the world
How fast they change. Every day a new.
I want to hold them in my heart forever
Cos I’ve gone mellow
Yes, I’ve gone mellow

Sad to see so much demand I put into “me”

To please a world that could not be pleased
and I came unfurled
I watched half my life pass without a purpose

Life goes so fast. Before we realize, the best has past

Never to see again the gifts we missed. Fullfilling times en massed.
The emptiness awoke me to the joy I was missing
Cos I’ve gone mellow
Yes, I’ve gone mellow

I feel alive.

A new day has come. A new sun shines
My tears have dried
The world seems brighter
My heart is light
I look at my life in a different way
Cos I’ve gone mellow
Yes, I’ve gone mellow

C 2009 Fuzzy Puppy Tunes

Hope you enjoy it!:)


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