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 Posted: Tue Jan 19th, 2010 11:45 pm
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Here's another one. I also posted it in "Country" but I thought it would also fit here too.

It's the ninth song

About the song
Its about how we are called all kinds of numbers and other things, but we have the privilege of being called by name by God. The voices are done with a program called  VocalWriter. I call them Floyd and Gidney. (Anyone know where the names are from?) Yes, it is actually my computer singing!

rob k

To the IRS I'm one Oh One four two five six five three.
And I'm M one six teen four oh nine two at the DMV
Ma Bell knows me as four for seven twenty twenty two
And the guy at the lot where I park my car, well he thinks my name's "Hey You!"

But you have called me by my name
Yea you have called me by my name
To some folks I'm a number Lord, or a word or two or just ignored
But you have called me by my name.

To the folks who call round dinner time I'm just another sale.
And I'm resident or occupant on two thirds of my mail.
The janitor at my apartment calls me four teen B
And he last time I was in the hospital I was the appendectomy. Chorus

A traffic cop once hollered at me, "Keep it movin, bud!"
Once I forgot our anniversary. My name was mud.
And I am sure for certain middle age has now begun.
Cause the younger folks , they all call me pops
And all the old folks call me son.

There's places that I go and they don't even Know I'm there.
But you know me so well, you've even numbered ev'ry hair.
No, I have not acquired earthly fortune and/or fame
But that don't bother me none, Lord, cause you have called me by my name.

Chorus twice.

© 2007±JJANA

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