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 Posted: Mon Dec 14th, 2009 08:55 am
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Donna wrote: Amazing that no one's commented on this one. :shock:

I really enjoyed the funky groove. :D Great toe-tapping music and a simple, fun lyric. I'll bet your wife loves the song. ;)


Hi Donna, I didn't realize it has been almost a year that I put this one up, I think I had it in open mic. and that's why it was missed.

Thank you for listening and finding this song fun. Yes my wife does love it cause it's about her. "They" , say to write about what you know so we were riding along and I look in my mirror and there's Eva ( my Wife) on her Harley behind me and this song just came  out :) sang it till we got home and wrote it down. was lots of fun .

Here's a little video I shot when we were in Strurgis 2005 with a country version.;)


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