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 Posted: Sat Nov 14th, 2009 04:47 am
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Dennis Railey

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James Ryce wrote: Dennis Railey wrote:  Hey Rancid! Good to see ya!  Don't worry bout that mess, Curtis is comin around to clean up after everything... How is ol Stinky tha Mule anyway?  I think we're gonna hafta have a roundup come early next year!  I's done went and got me some idears a festerin fer ma song!

Ole Rancid is chomping it to bits for a good old "Country Week Volume II".  Lets get the ball rolling and set a date for the roundup!  Should be a yearly thing!!!!

Kid Rancid and his mule

 Ah'll garunteeja! a yeerly thang'd be good. now alls we gots ta do is git ol sundown ta studee own a date fer this'n here hoot'nanee an weer all set fer tha shoot out and ah'll be'a praticin ma harmonakee soler a'll be throw'n in ma song

NEWS ALERT!!! The Mayans got their printing press fixed and have issued their new calendar. The world won't be ending in 2012 after all!

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