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 Posted: Fri Nov 13th, 2009 12:53 am
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Dennis Railey

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Troy33 wrote: SundownSam wrote: BTW, I meant to tell you guys that you sure do look cute in purple!!!! :D If you'll buy yourselves a wig and a red hat I'll let you hitch a ride with me to the next Red Hat event! ;) hehe 
Guys.......... if you want to select a different color, that can be arranged. You don't have to take this kind of harsh treatment! (This member, in particular, must have trouble with authority figures!) ;)

If you like Purple........... stand tall! If you don't.............. stand a little less tall?.... and pick a new one that will work with our existing user designation colors.


 Troy, I aint crazy about purple for sure... we'll have to see what Curtis says and have a talk about this deal!

NEWS ALERT!!! The Mayans got their printing press fixed and have issued their new calendar. The world won't be ending in 2012 after all!

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