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 Posted: Fri Oct 30th, 2009 07:21 pm
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Dennis Railey

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C2 wrote: Great job Denny Ray did on that vocal. Very Vincent Pricey.

I'm for knowing what the story details are too. What weapon did he have, or even worse use?

 Denny Ray thanks you, Curtis, but he aint no Vincent Price and never will be.  The weapon came from seeing kids trick or treat and carrying the toy light sabers no matter what costume they had on... and if you didn't catch the explanation I gave to Owen in an above post, the story is about a kid dressed up as a ghost and out trick or treating on halloween.  The fear he saw in people was pretend of course, but the kid was living the scene described in the poem.  He may be coming to pay you a visit soooooooooooooon!!!! :shock:

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