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 Posted: Wed Mar 29th, 2006 01:45 am
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BobbyJoe, just an example of people taking home a BIG paycheck these days, making structure a thing of the past. :) It's not country Bobby!!!!! But this just goes to show it's not always structured, and the performance wins.:):)

outside written by aaron lewis of staind
1st verse
and you bring me to my knees again
all the times i could beg you please babe
all the times that i’ve felt insecure for you
and i leave my burdens at the door

but i’m on the outside and i’m looking
i can see through you see your true colors
cause inside your ugly your ugly like me
i can see through you see to the real you

2nd verse
all the times that i felt like this won’t end
its for you and i taste what i could never have
was from you all the times that i’ve cried
my intetntions full of pride
but i waste more time than anyone

3rd verse
all the times that i’ve cried
all this wasting its all inside
and i feel all this pain
stuffed it down its back again
and i lie here in bed
all alone i can’t mend
but i feel tomorrow will be okay

the chorus always follows the verse on this song

Who knows??? lol Susan

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