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 Posted: Wed Mar 29th, 2006 01:12 am
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Susan Jeffries

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Bobby Joe,

You have a good idea here, writing down other's lyric's for structure. I'm not always going to follow the rules in all my lyrics I'm sure, but this would be a good way to see how some other's do it. I have also read many lyrics with no structure and songs with no line structure whatsoever!!! They were big hits....I think it's a lot who you are who gets away with it!!!!! lol But you do have some good points for me to follow. This is a great learning place for people to come and share. I appreciate it. I'll try this again soon with your advice and see what comes. Another thing that is the performance which comes with the lyrics. Some take goo and make millions because they perform it well, not so much the lyrics. See what I mean. I'm no brainiac, but I know how to listen to hear music, and what is appealing to me. It's not always the lyrics at all. Music makes the world go 'round I know that!!! Thanks for all your help BobbyJoe. Some good teaching goin' on. :)

Also, thank you for noticing my conversational skills. That's a point in the right direction!!!!!!!!!! Thanks


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