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 Posted: Wed Jan 7th, 2009 02:29 am
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Hey Bro.  You're still in my prayers.  You have been on my mind very much lately.  I just wanted you to know I haven't forgotten you and I am still praying for you daily.  I truly hope this new year brings with it, a new found joy filled with glorious hope and healing. I hope you have a really good day!  Tomorrow, and the day after, and the next day, and the following day and the day after that and every day that ends in "day"!   Here is a story concerning prayer that I know to be true, for I witnessed it myself.

     In Dec. 1984, I uprooted my family from Craig, CO. and moved them to Pryor, OK.   My children were young then and I had just experienced a huge financial loss and traumatic experience due to alcohol addiction.  I was a believer in Christ but I had taken some very troublesome pathways in my own choosing. 
     When we arrived in OK., I went to work for the Grand River Dam Authority, as a power plant control room operator.  We lived only 2 hours away from my widowed father who had recently remarried.  I spent every minute with him that I could while we lived in the area.  We spent numerous days and late nights in prayer and scripture reading.  It was a glorious I time I will always cherish. 
     After we moved into a rental house in Pryor, my daughters began teaching my son how to ride a "hand me down bike" that they had out grown.  They both hated that little bike with its training wheels and 12 inch tires and they proceeded to talk me into buying their baby brother a new bike.  Well, I told them when their brother was able to ride that bike without the training wheels, then I would buy him a new bike.   My daughters taught him to ride that bike in less than 24 hours after I'd made the promise.  I was broke at the time and still waiting on my first paycheck from my new job, but when payday came around we all went down to the Western Auto store and got him a new bike.  He was one happy little Dude.
     It rained a lot in Oklahoma that time of year and my boy was very unhappy because he wasn't able to ride his new bike very much.  When we all sat down to our supper that evening, my son asked if he could ask the blessing before our meal.  He prayed such a sweet and precious little prayer.  Unashamed he openly asked God the Father at the end of his prayer, "I sure do hope it doesn't rain tomorrow".  I looked at my wife, she looked at me with raised eyebrows and I reached over and patted my little son on his precious little back, as I thought to myself, "I wonder what God is going to do about this one?"
     The next day passed and as usual I was wrapped up in my work and gave very little thought to what the weather was doing outside the power plant control room, or the prayer of the night before.  But when I exited the door on the way to my truck, I was immediately reminded by the downpour of rain that soaked me on my way to the parking lot.  As I drove home in the constant drizzle, I began to think of how disappointed my little son must be at that very moment.  I drove through the 8 or 10 miles home and the rain continued all the way across the valley.
     I stopped at the stop sign at the intersection of the block where we lived. I sat there with my wipers swishing the rain off my windshield and saw my son riding his bike and stopping at the corner just across the street from me.  I drove acoss the intersection and was rolling down my window to tell him to get home out of the rain, when I realised it wasn't raining on the block where we lived.  So I sat there for a moment talking with my son and watching the rain fall in my rear view mirror.  It did not rain that day on our block, or the next day, or the next.  However, it did rain everywhere else in town.  Each night that precious little boy asked the blessing he always asked in the same sweet little trusting heart of a young child "I sure do hope it doesn't rain tomorrow", and it was a hope that was granted.  Finally after 3 nights of this I softly squeezed his little arm and told him we really did need to allow the rain to fall sometimes.  He was not thrilled with the idea of allowing it to rain, but he did not ask for no rain the next day.  By-the-way, the next day it did rain on our block,  and with that rain came more of the wonderous things of nature.  The turtles came out to play and a new chapter began in our faith as believers in God the Father and His many promises.  God Bless you my Brother,  I'll ask my son to pray for no more rain in your area.  You are in  my prayers Bro. I hope you have a great day tomorrow! 

P.S.  This is a true story!

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