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 Posted: Sat Dec 27th, 2008 07:30 pm
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I came back for another listen on this one, things were kinda harem-scarem on Christmas Eve when it was posted and it was late when I finally got to hear it, so I came back for a second helping!  Of course, it's just as beautiful this time as it was that time!!! A really great job on this Roy and James!  

While I'm here I was wondering if I could make a request where this one is concerned!  Since it's Mike's song.... and since it says so much about how all of us feel....I was wondering, Roy and James, if it would be ok to get Owen to move it to Country Lyrics so it won't get hidden away in the open mic archives.  It's a very comforting song for several of us right now and I think it might possibly become comforting for others as time passes by (such as newcomers, etc.) if it's put where it can be viewed more easily.  Of course, this is just a request on my part...I'm sure it will need to be run past Roy and James for approval before doing so....just thought I'd mention it.   

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