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 Posted: Mon Nov 3rd, 2008 08:59 pm
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:Violin_Man:Hi Lissa,

Your lipstick and shine inspired a few lines..
I'm not sure, where they will fit, but they add to
the storyline....

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Frances Williams

First time.. in a long-time, I felt like me
Not some play-thing.. you hope I can be
Look in my magic mirror, a young girls smile
A lovers little fool, haven't seen you in awhile

Make-up and slim-down.. new hair style in fashion
hope to get some loving attention with real passion
tired of trying to satisfy a memory of an old use to be
First time-In a long time- I have felt like me..

Don't want to live my life in your yesterday
Tryin' to be a lover you don't have anymore
don't want to live my life this way, cause I'm not her
Don't want to be hurt day after day.. that's for sure

..........Don't want to love you anymore
..........Don't want to love you anymore

These lines are only for consideration, I'm not sure if is another song?

Comments are appreciated,


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