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 Posted: Sun Nov 2nd, 2008 02:07 pm
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SundownSam wrote: Thank you for explaining why you didn't label the verses and choruses, it makes perfect sense that since this is a work in progress that you would like to wait until you're a little farther along on it to see where you stand with the verses and choruses.  Miss Frances I see nothing wrong with your song structure.  I'm not an expert on it that's for sure and I'm afraid I actually only know one or two ways to structure the songs I write...hence the reasons for the books! LOL  But, it's looking pretty good to me.  
:Angel:Hi Sara,

Thank you for responding.  I need to read those darn books, and
not just do a quick  I believe the basic idea for my song is
orginial. I hope it can be developed into a good song...Your help and
advice are very much appreciated....


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