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 Posted: Sun Nov 2nd, 2008 12:51 pm
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SundownSam wrote: Miss Frances, good to see you posting another one!  You were concerned about your song structure a short while back, but I must say, this is looking very good!  I never have gotten those books we talked about, but I do want to get them. Do you feel they have helped you in the way of song structure?  

Just one little thing I'd like to suggest, Miss Frances.  It would be better for the readers if you were to define your verses and choruses.  Like Verse I and Verse II and so forth... and then do the same with the chorus, it makes it a lot easier to read and figure out whats-what when you're reading it.  Just a minor little detail actually, but it does help.  Looking good lady!   

:Angel:Hi Sara,

Thank you for the comments. I do appreciate the time you gave to respond.
Yes, I did buy several good books, and I am doing research on some of the
basics, as time permits. The storyline, of beginning, middle,and the end. The
gender, for this song is a female. Her situation gets resolved, by kickin' his
butt out..the slammin'  I Tried to use my hookline, as many times
as I could...(to drive home the title).. You are right about the suggestion
to label the verses. I didn't do this because, the song was not finished yet.
My thoughts on the song structure, would not be the same as other great
songwriters. I decided to go ahead and post, to protect my Hook/Storyline.
I do share some, but I wanted to take this one off the grazing

I hoped, that a good songwriter, would consider a 50/50 co-write.

Have a Blessed Day,

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