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 Posted: Sat Nov 1st, 2008 10:28 pm
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Frances Williams
Nov. 01, 2008

 'Don't Want to Love You Anymore'

Don't want to spend all my lonely nights
Wonderin' what you're doin' or where you are
Out in some Honky Tonk or good time Bar
I'm sorry that I ever let things go this far..

Cause.. I don't want to love you anymore
We've been down this road once before
So baby, just get out.. go on out the door...
Cause I'm not goin' live like this anymore

There may come a time I will regret this
But I doubt..There ever will be..Cause
To live my life with a low down cheater..
Dead. Yes dead..I would just as soon be...

Baby, I don't want to love you anymore
We've been down this road once before
I'm gettin' out of this cheatin' situation
Goin' Stop lovin' you and that's for sure.

You come home drinkin' and thinkin'
I'm your second thing...
We'll baby look on your side of the bed
You'll find a little note..tied with my ring

When you read the will explain 
I'm tired of your cheatin lies..and alibis
I'm not goin' live this way.. thats for sure
No I'm not Going To Love You Anymore....

Not Going to Love you Anymore..
I'm Not goin' live this way..thats for sure...

Not Going to Love you anymore
Not Going to Love you anymore

Comments are appreciated,
Fran Williams








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