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 Posted: Sun Oct 19th, 2008 02:57 pm
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Well, Frances, I never!!!  Yep, Didn't Mean To Make You Cry or Don't Make Me Cry is a very interesting hook...but I would have never noticed it!  Glad you did though!!!  At the rate we're going, ladies, we should have enough to keep us busy for a while!  LOL

Lissa, is very quick with the come-backs...but I'm not either Frances!  It takes me about a week to think of a decent comeback and by that time the moment has longed passed!  LOL  And you are so right about the gift of "hooks"  you can certainly come up with 'em! I can't say I've got a specific talent unless you call the gift-of-gab a talent!!! LOL I just know I love writing songs and now that I have people to share them with I love it even more! 

Hey, I like both the little snippets of each version of the hook... and song-to-come...that you typed out there, goodness, we already have a start here.  Tell you what... I don't think we are going to be able to contain oursleves until after the holidays...LOL.. so I'm about to send you my co-writng email address and we can go ahead and start putting any ideas we have on file.  So check your PM shortly!  Lissa, you already have my email so if you have something as well let us know!  Of course, we all need to keep a copy in files though, so we can see what we got!  We'll work that out! 


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