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 Posted: Sun Oct 19th, 2008 02:18 pm
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SundownSam wrote: Frances, with a lot of your sign-offs I can see a song just waiting to happen!!!!  They're "hooks" two ways about it!!!  LO,
:Angel:Hi SundownSam,

Thank you for all the time you spent helping me yesterday.  I will try
to follow-up on the great advice..I'm excited about the collab.  The way
you worded the phrase, was good.  "A little South of Heaven", cause it
could be a loved one making their trip to Heaven..And they tip their wing
as if to say goodbye... or the other way "Somewhere South of Heaven",
could be someone living in a paradise situation. They hope to see loveones
later on. But we will work on this after the Holidays! I am so glad that Lissa,
wants to join our (Dreamin' Big Team)..It's great to know she is quick with
words, because I'm not...My Gift is unique hook-lines, storylines and etc.
You had a great Hook-line, yesterday...." Didn't Mean To Make You Cry".
Or  "Don't Make Me Cry"     Nuff Said!!!

Have a blessed day,






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