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 Posted: Sun Oct 19th, 2008 12:57 am
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500 SONGS!!!  Geez whiz, I am extremely impressed!!! Man, what a've been just a wee-bit busy!!!

Didn't mean to make you cry!  But, I am very glad to hear you are interested in the collab offer!  I wish I could do it sooner, but I just don't see being able to undertake the project until the holidays are all tucked away.  But, I'm really looking forward to it! 

I've heard a few things here and there about the James Blume book and I think I want to get that one first.  There is also another one...I can't remember the name of it right off the top of my head...but I know where to go find out and when I do I'll yell back at ya.  I think we can only better ourselves in trying to take our song writing to a new level.  I know I'm ready to learn some new techniques and it sounds like you are too! 


P.S.  Oops!!!  I just now realized I said, A Little South of Heaven, earlier instead of, Somewhere South of Heaven! Sorry!

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