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 Posted: Sat Oct 18th, 2008 10:40 pm
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Frances, You haven't distracted from anyone!  We're here because we want to be! 

Frances, I think Lissa has just given you some wonderful...wonderful advice!!!! And I'll tell you a little secret...she had to kick me in the booty shortly after I became a member here!!!   Seeing all of these great songs and meeting all of these talented songwriters, I was just a bit intimidated... and having been out of the loop for almost twenty years, well, I was really starting to doubt I could do this!  I mentioned this to Lissa one day and, girl, I'm here to tell you...she gave my hiney a thorough raking over!!! You see where I am, don't ya?  LOL 

I agree with Lissa about whoever it was that made you feel like you feel about writing your songs!  You said it came from another forum....I knew that wouldn't have happened here!  I've only been here for three months, but I assure you in that length of time I've come to know that this is not how they operate here!!! Everyone here will give you honest critique and opinions....and suggestions... but it will be tendered with encouragment... not discouragment!  So, please put that behind you!  You are a good songwriter! 

Frances, it makes me feel really good that you are offering me this beautiful Thanksgiving write that you have underway!  But, after seeing what you have already done with it there is no doubt in my mind that you can finish it.... and that it will be fantastic when it's completed!!!  We all freeze up sometimes!  If you have to lay it aside for a while then do that!  Gosh, I have a song that took me a over a year to write and Danny has one that took him three years to write!  Sometimes the muse just doesn't visit us exactly when we want her too!  LOL
But, the song is there I can see it...just take your time and write it!!  Hey, if it's not ready for this Thanksgiving.... there's always next Thanksgiving!!! LOL

And Frances, I tell you what I would like to do if you're game!  If you are interested in collaborating on "Somewhere South of Heaven" when the holidays are over I would love to team with you and see what we can come up with!  Not gonna write it by myself though, we gotta do it together..OK?  Let me know what you think about this!


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