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 Posted: Sat Oct 18th, 2008 05:18 pm
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Frances Williams

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:Taz::Angel:Hi SundownSam,

Thank you so much for your comments.  I live near a Books-A-Million,

and they have several books by Jason Blume, and others..I have a

few. I believe it's a childhood thing, when I need to take my songs

serious, I freeze up.. I grew up in a large family, and learned early

to wait my turn.  Not expect to be the center of attention and etc. 

You mentioned other song-ideas.. 'Room At The Table'..Yes it could

be a great Thanksgiving song.  I started to write it, but I couldn't

finish it...I don't want it to go to waste. So feel free to go for it...

Basic idea: Picture a child remembering Thankgiving . All the great

times families spend together.. Great Meals, times and childrens play.

Example: There was a young boy, who lived down the street

                His daddy lost his job, they didn't have enough to eat

                so we invited them home for suppertime, and

                made "Room At The Table' .   (True meaning of Thanksgiving)  etc..

With your style and the qualities you have, I bet you could paint some wonderful scenes.. That was the reason I posted it, so someone might see a song within it.

Somewhere South of Heaven,    (Not a song)



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