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 Posted: Sat Oct 18th, 2008 03:04 pm
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Frances, I'm thinking about buying some books on song structure and lyric writing.  I'd like to branch-out a little and learn more about these areas too!  If I come across anything that I feel will help us I'll let you know. 

But, in the meantime, please don't let that keep you from writing your songs!!!! You always seem to come up with good stories to write songs about and as you know that's the first step...and not always easy....a good hook is sometimes hard to come by!  But, song structure can be learned.  It wasn't until I became a member of the fourm that I learned about bridges and lifts and tags, turnarounds, outtros, and the like...and I had been writing songs off and on since the late 60's.  LOL It seems I had been doing some of it, but I had no clue I was doing it or what they were called!  But, do like I do...ask questions! There are a lot of people in here that are very good at song structure and I know there is someone, somewhere, who is willing to help!  I would offer, but, I'm still learning myself, so I don't feel I'm qualified to be a coach at this time. LOL

But,  in a post you made to Mike in the TSF News you signed off on that post by saying....A Little South of Heaven.  Is that a song of yours?  If it isn't it should be!!!! What a fantatic hook!

I also saw somewhere that you are writing a song called "Room At The Table"  I'm  looking forward to that one!  Thanksgiving is a special holiday and a song about it would be great! 


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